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I collected my initial visual research into personal branding created by graphic designers, the packs displayed below are a good example of what I could produce in response to the brief.

While collecting my initial research I realised that the best self promotion packs had consistant design elements and a strong visual theme. Therefore, when all elements of the pack are placed together they visually support each other, creating a strong, effective outcome.

Personal Identity - Design Portfolio of Natalie Kenna
Personal Identity - Design Portfolio of Natalie Kenna

JORDAN PUOPOLO - Personal Identity Package: I wanted a fairly abstract logo that still represented something. Idecided on a version of my initials created out of simple lines andshapes. I wanted an aged and tactile feel for my business system, so Idecided to use a lot of card stock and brown envelopes. The old grids Icreated for the letter head relate to my design sensibility.

Experience Map and Field Guide - Personal Identity by Thomas Woodson

New personal identity is more warm and hand-made. It consist of serif typefaces, hand-made paper and in general have clean and simple design.

New logotype is made on a rubber press, so it can be printed anywhere, on any paper stock.

The logo is made based on my name and field of specialization. The supporting illustrations are objects that describes what I like, and what I'm interested in.

This is a sending out portfolio piece of my work and thought towards to design. I explain my understanding about design into 3 stages: information, form&shape, and integration. And this "ViviPedia" will keep in expanding because design though always upgrading through more learning and experience. 


Jeff Singer Self Promotion

I also collected research into packaging design from a book called 'Experimental Formats & Packaging' Published by Rotovision.


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