Tuesday, 20 November 2012


3000 word essay.

3000 words
Select one question from below that is relevant to your personal interests, this will help when writing the essay.

There should be no conversational tone or slang used.
Points made must be related to academic sources.
Bibliography of quotes and information should be included.

Deadline – 29th January 2013 – 4pm

Essay Questions

Focusing on specific examples, describe the way that modernist art and design was a response to the forces of modernity?

Choosing a particular period from 1800 to the present day, in what ways has art and design responded to the changing social and cultural forces of that period?

Is it possible to describe any aspect of graphic design today as post-modernist?

Could it be argued that fine art ought to be assigned more ‘value’ than more popular forms of visual communication?

‘Advertising doesn’t sell things, all advertising does is change the way people think or feel’ evaluate this statement with reference to the selected critical theories. (past and present)

After reviewing the questions, it became apparent that one appealed to my personal interests more that the others. The question regarding the ‘value of fine art’ appeals to me because I am interested in the culture that surrounds art collection and pricing. I want to explore what it is that makes art so valued, and why it is seen as more important than other forms of design and illustration. Furthermore, I want to research into the elitist culture that surrounds art collection. In a world where one percent hold almost all of the worlds wealth, is there a connection between high-priced art and the super rich collectors.

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