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Choose 3 new examples of graphic design that fulfiill each of your 3 aesthetic rules (9 examples in total).
Briefly summarise the aesthetic relationship between each of the three images.
select 5 further examples for each rule that come from other (non-graphic design based) creative practices such as photography, installation, architecture, film etc.
Your reponse to the brief should demonstrate your appreciation of aestheic qualities across visual culture and not solely graphic design


  • All design must use no more than three typefaces.
  • All design should be structured.
  • Designs should use limited colours.
  • The message must be clearly communicated.
  • The composition of the design must be balanced.
  • Type used on the design should be legible.
  • Aesthetic should help contextualise image.
  • The aesthetic must not overpower the function.
  • The aesthetic should be refined.
  • Simplicity is key. 


DePalma Clothing v1 on the Behance Network

This piece was created by BMD design, an agency based in France. The design sticks to the majority of the aesthetic rules outlined in lesson. Firstly, it uses a limited amount of typefaces, this helps to stop the design looking overloaded with too many typefaces. Moreover, they typeface chosen is legible so the message can be communicated to the audience with ease. Finally, the designer has chosen to us a limited colour scheme, keeping the design simple and easy on the eyes. 

imagemechanics02.jpg (676×995)

This second piece of design shows a good example of a balanced design, all the type on the poster has been placed well, creating negative space and room for the illustration. Furthermore, there is a good balance of type and image, meaning that the audience will be more likely to engage with the posters content.

Keller Maurer Design

The final example also shows us a good example of design that balances type and images well. The spread composes a body of text and balances it with three images. Due to the placement of the design elements negative space has been left on the spread which helps achieve a balanced look.


All sizes | Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This image taken of some beautiful architecture is a good example of aesthetic balance and structured design.

Proud Parents Offset - OBEY GIANT

This Obey poster illustrates a good use of colour, and clearly communicates its message.

housesmalls2.jpg (JPEG Image, 660x880 pixels)

Furthermore, this illustration by Daniel Danger is a really good example of how colours should be balanced. The colour scheme chosen works really well as the dark and light colours help create depth. Furthermore, the pallet of blues really complement each other as colours.


This tattoo shows how other artist that work with other medias also rely on structure and simplicity to achieve an aesthetically engaging design.

Walls... on Behance

Finally, this image of street art shows a good example of a limited colour pallet.

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