Sunday, 5 January 2014


After defining my initial concept I started collecting research for the project, an aspect of this process involved collecting a body of primary images focused on capturing the beauty of the natural environment.

Although I am not a photographer I have been working with both film and digital cameras for over two years now, in this time I developed a basic knowledge of photography and gained quite a lot of experience taking images. Therefore, I decided to take all of the primary photographs myself. The photographs will not be a focus of my project and instead will form a base for the rest of the aesthetic elements, because of this the pictures do not need to be taken to a professional standard so small mistakes are acceptable. 

The images where primarily taken to be used on aspects of my project such as the posters and booklets, I believe that it is important to take a collection of my own photographs as in past projects I have found that using internet based images comes with various problems relating to size and quality. Furthermore, the process of defining a location and consequently traveling there to shoot the images allowed me to interact with the environment that my campaign is promoting. I found this useful because it enabled me to see the attractions of National parks and the outdoor environment first hand.


For my first set of images I arranged to travel to Grisedale Forest Park in the heart of the Lake District. The area is made up from 24.47 km² of woodland, trials and sculptures and is located in one of the most beautiful places in the country, making for the perfect location to shoot my first set of images.

The map below displays the location and immense size of Grisedale Forest.

When taking the photographs I tried to focus on the beauty of nature, natural colours and gradients and scenic landscapes. 


For my second set of images I decided to visit somewhere slightly closer to home. Around 5 minutes walk from my mums new house in Whalley is a small woodland named Spring Wood. The area is covered in beautiful woodland typical of the English countryside along with various trails, picnic areas and various birds and animals. 

 The map below shows the location and size of Spring Wood.

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