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After analysing the task I created a spider diagram that explores things that interest me, from the content generated I will highlight an area of which my research will focus on. 

Possible research subjects;
  • Meditation - The practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a state of consciousness to reach a stress free 'thoughtful consciousness'.  
  • OrmusA concentrate of special elements abundant in sea water has exciting potential in improving the soil, increasing crop yields, assisting human and animal health, and even combatting climate change.
  • Budhism - Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality. Buddhist practices like meditation are means of changing yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. 
  • Wanderlust - A strong desire to travel and explore.
  • Tattooing - A form of body modification that entails inserting inedible ink into the dermis layer of the skin.
  • Music Festivals - A festival orientated towards music. 


After initially outlining some research topics that currently really interest me I went through the process of outlining a specific subject to focus my research on. To choose my point of focus I analysed the details of the task and thought about how the research topic could relate to its specifics. 



Firstly, I decided to outline ORMUS as my research topic as it is something that really caught my interest after reviewing the topic briefly online. Information surrounding ORMUS is very vague as knowledge surrounding the subject is almost secretive and has a shroud of mystery surrounding it. The fact that information surrounding the topic is almost secret knowledge only furthered my interest in the material and its possible applications. 


I started collecting some brief research into the topic and soon found that information surrounding the subject is very limiting. Due to the secretive nature of the topic and the lack of institutionalised scientific research collecting dependable data will be challenging. Despite the lack of institution directed research there are many examples of reliable and evidenced independent research into ORMUS and its qualities.

In response to the limited information surrounding the topic I decided to outline a research plan to help me define and collect a range of reliable, accurate research. In the research plan I highlighted areas where dependable information could be collected from as well as the research methods that could be applied to collect it. I want to collect reliable, evidenced research so that the questionable and mysterious applications of ORMUS can be supported with scientific facts.  

  • Contact ormus user. 
  • Create ORMUS awareness survey.
  • Consume ormus & document effects.

  • Individual scientific research.
  • Scientific reports (sources evidenced).
  • Ormus Documentaries.
  • Books on ORMUS (if there are any).

  • Existing interviews with ormus user/researcher.
  • Scientific observation notes.


  • Data collected from scientific reports.


I started my research by watching a newly produced independent documentary looking to evidence ORMUS and its abilities. The documentary was produced and filmed by Joe De Kadt, An accomplished cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer from England. The film acts as a reliable introduction to the topic, as Joe investigates the substance from an unbiased point of view and uses science to back up all of his findings.

While browsing through the films website I cam across sections of information relevant to understanding the material its back-story.


ORMUS is the name given to the mysterious white powder (re) discovered by David Hudson in the late 1970's, which he subsequently devoted his life, and many millions of dollars trying to research and market. He believed that this exotic substance was the legendary Philosophers Stone, the mythical prize of alchemical enquiry that could turn base metals into gold, cure any illness, and elevate the soul of man to enlightenment.

The name ORMUS is derived from the acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME's. Hudson believed that there were twelve elements within the platinum group of metals whose atomic structure had the potential to mutate, causing the electrons within to orbit the nucleus in an irregular manner. His theory suggests that these irregular atoms are unable to successfully bind to form conventional molecules of matter, hence appearing to the eye as a white powder.

For this reason ORMUS elements are invisible to conventional spectrographic analysis, and would appear to behave very differently whilst in this heightened, energetic state.
Some of the alleged properties of ORMUS elements are, if true, nothing short of extraordinary. These include assertions that ORMUS can:
  • Cure all forms of diseases.
  • Repair and enhance DNA.
  • Act as a superconductor.
  • Emit gamma radiation.
  • Partially levitate in the earths magnetic field.
  • Spontaneously combust in a flash of light.
  • Physically disappear and return again.


Although ORMUS minerals are believed to have had widespread ancient reverence and usage, with many researchers claiming to have established direct links to a white powder with magical properties referenced in the early scriptures and texts, the contemporary name ORMUS was coined by an American cotton farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

Whilst attempting to chemically extract gold from his soil, Hudson stumbled across something else, a mysterious white powder that seemed to have bizarre properties that defied analysis. When he laid the powder out to dry in the Arizona sun, it spontaneously exploded in a massive flash of light, and immediately disappeared.

Upon further scientific study, during which all of the elements within the powder were individually isolated and removed, Hudson was left with a material that seemed to resist both conventional description and form. Under certain conditions, most notably within changes to temperature or exposure to air, the physical manifestation of the substance was seen to radically change.

Among these altered forms were an oil, but also glass. Elements such as iron spontaneously disappeared or morphed into other elements. The material also fluctuated in weight, and was recorded by Hudson as becoming an electromagnetic superconductor, possessing the extraordinary capability to levitateA successful businessman, Hudson ploughed millions of his own and other's money into both a comprehensive scientific study into the material, and a production plant for widespread distribution.

At the same time, Hudson's relationship with the substance was becoming more esoteric. He gave a series of infamous lectures linking the substance to ancient Egyptian and Biblical alchemy, declaring it to be a kind of universal medicine that could repair the body on a genetic level. It was also, he claimed, the link between body and soul, causing spiritual enlightenment in its recipients. Hudson had his fifteen minutes, and ORMUS was placed on the map, but ultimately his production plant was shut down and his investors lost everything.
In March 1988, David Hudson patented the exotic elements, simultaneously coining the term Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, or ORME's to define his findings. Once these patents were filed, Hudson, like his mysterious substance, simply disappeared. He has maintained his reclusive stance ever since, although his emergence and first appearance for 20 years at an ORMUS conference was recorded by Joe and included in the film, where it is clear that his presentations and theories have become increasingly bizarre.


It is claimed that there are many methods of creating the ORMUS or M-State minerals, from the complex to the very simple, and the film documents a number of them in its quest to divine the true nature of the matter.
Many of the characters within All The Gold You Can Eat believe that ORMUS is most effectively derived from seawater, and that by using either mechanical or chemical means, it is possible to isolate and condense the ORMUS Minerals into a solid state. This is the white powder discovered by David Hudson, who called it the key to the Philosophers Stone, and it is the material that this documentary set out to explore.
The process taught to Joe and depicted in the film is known as the "Wet Method", and it involves creating a precipitate from seawater (or re-hydrated sea salt), using a 20% solution of sodium hydroxide. The "Wet Method" seems to be a simple and favored process amongst the film's characters; it is used by firefighter Peter May at the beginning of the film, and by alchemist Don Nance and Joe as they begin the gold making process that creates the film's epic finale.
As the film shows, the creation of what is believed to be ORMUS is really a very straightforward, if slightly laborious, process. There are already many ORMUS researchers and advocates who have laid out the process in detail for the public to view.
For those interested in a comprehensive description of the production of ORMUS, two of the film's central characters, Barry Carter and Don Nance, have posted their methods and fascinating accounts online, accessed via the links on this page.

The notion of making gold is an idea that has transfixed great minds and civilizations throughout history. From the Egyptian magicians to the Elizabethan alchemists, detailed accounts exist from prominent individuals as to how the fabled Philosophers Stone is both created and used, allegedly transmuting base metal into higher states, including gold.

This intriguing prospect, that of actual gold creation, stimulated a line of enquiry that ultimately led to the production of All The Gold You Can Eat. It became a question that Filmmaker Joe de Kadt simply couldn't answer through secondary research, and so he set out to talk to contemporary exponents of alchemical practice in the hope that they could.

Within the film, the idea of making gold is also quickly identified by Joe as the only practical, tangible method of proving or disproving the outlandish theories offered up by the extraordinary characters that he interviews.

Although conventional science provides tantalizing clues that it is indeed possible, these largely nuclear processes rely on a scale of atomic reaction and energy that make it beyond the reach of either the alchemists of yore, or the cost effectiveness of direct production today.

The documentary itself is not available to view freely, and works on a pay-per-view basis. Therefore, I unfortunately cannot post the film online as a reference for people to find out more about this intriguing substance. 

A trailer for the film is displayed below;


While watching the documentary I took notes relating to any important ORMUS information discussed;

  • David Wolf - Super foods nutritionist who has been experimenting with ORMUS - has some interesting relevant research.
  • ORMUS can be used to water and feed plants. There is physical evidence that shows plants grown with ORMUS thrive better than plants grown with conventional water and nutrients. 
  • Hardly anyone knows about or has even heard of ORMUS.
  • The material benefits plants, animals and humans alike.
  • Some effects can be picked up with a thermal imaging camera (not scientifically viable).
  • Ingesting ORMUS can help reach an alpha level of brain activity - this level of brain activity is usually very hard to reach without years of conditioning/meditation.
  • ORMUS does not appear as existing matter.
  • In 1976, David Hudson was analysing materials & discovered a strange white powder. He left the material in the hot sun where he witnessed it explode in a flash of light and disappear.
  • The powder was tested in a lab and was outlined as 'pure nothing'.
  • The effects ORMUS has on the brain has been mapped with Electroencephalography (EEG) - alph brain activity which is only usually achieved after years of daily meditation was achieved almost instantly. 
  • The substance also has huge health benefits.
  • ORMUS allows plants to fully reach its biomass limit (seeds are often twice the size).
  • Gold can be created from ORMUS.
  • ORMUS is largely formed from atoms found in percious metals such as platinum.
  • ORMUS has been identified as the legendary 'Philosophers stone'.
  • David Hudson attempts to release ORMUS on a commercial scale. However, an acid leak at his lap a week before the release date prevents him from doing so. Hudson then disappears for a number of years.

  • There is no clear scientific definition of what ORMUS actually is. 
  • ORMUS can be created form sea salt, distilled water, and lye.
  • When applied to humans ORMUS has the ability to heal and increase spiritual awareness.
  • The discovery of ORMUS is actually the re-discovery of secret knowledge surrounding a subject called alchemy.
  • ORMUS usage can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian times where it was created by the high priests and was referred to as 'mfktz' -  Spirit, Fire, Stone. 
  • Evidence of ORMUS can also be found in the Bible in the story of Moses at the very start of the christian religion.
  • The material has strong, undeniable ties to ancient alchemy.
  • Barry Carter - ORMUS expert - Quit school as it was hindering his education.
  • He created a water-trap device that uses vortex water & magnets to extract an ORMUS concentrate from normal water.
  • He runs a website that published masses of information and research on ORMUS.
  • There is a lot of secrecy and fear surrounding ORMUS in America because of its apparent beneficial qualities.
  • The practice of 'Transmutation' is the act of changing elements into gold.
  • Scientists believe that transmutation can only occur in a hadron collider or during a nuclear explosion.
  • ORMUS apparently has the ability to create transmutation, which is one of the reasons people are so scared/hesitant to release information about it. 
  • Don Nance is an Alchemist who has scientifically supported results that prove the existence of ORMUS.
  • Don was diagnosed with terminal cancer so started taking ORMUS which eventaully cured him.   
  • Don experimented with making gold from ORMUS and encountered sever radiation during the process. 

Making gold from ORMUS process; 
  • Step one - Make the ORMUS.
  • Step two - Let the mixture settle.
  • Step three - Leave the paste to dry in the sun.
  • Step four - Final ORMUS preparation.
  • Step five - Location scouting.
  • Step six - The burn.

  • After creating the gold Joe sends the material to an independent research facility to get it tested. The results show that there is a raise in both the gold and silver content of the material. 
  • Evidence that ORMUS truly does exist. 

All the above information was taken from the documentary or the website promoting the documentary. Website link - LINK


While watching the documentary the host introduces a number of researchers involved with ORMUS research, production and the distribution of ORMUS related information. As most of the people interviewed have been collecting research into ORMUS for a number of years I thought it would be important to review their research, claims and findings surrounding the material. 

While reviewing each piece of research I highlighted specific pieces of information that I believe to be important, or that hold relevance to research collected from other ORMUS experts. 


The first figure I decided to collect research into is the infamous David Hudson, the man responsible for accidentally re-discovering ORMUS while searching for minerals.


David Hudson is a wealthy cotton farmer from Texas, America and is known as the man responsible for the re-discovery of the mystical substance ORMUS. Hudson's story of discovery is very interesting and important in understanding the story of ORMUS and the current secretive ideology surrounding the subject. 

I followed a link given on the 'All The Gold You Can Eat' website to an informative page on Hudson. As the link is promoted by Joe De Kadt's documentary website I believe that the source and information presented are reliable.

All Hudson related information has been taken from - Link


  • Soil in Texas is full of sodium that doesn't hold water well. Farmers working in that region spray the ground with sulfuric acid that chemically reacts with the sodium allowing it to be leeched from the land with water. 
  • Hudson decided to use this same technique to separate gold from the dirt. 
  • He would move a load of soil to his research facility where it would be safely sprayed with acid to dissolve any precious metals, they would then be filtered out and purified. 
  • At some point during this process Hudson noticed there was a contaminant that was surviving the chemical steps which excluded non-precious metals, yet it did not analyse as one.
  • There was so much of this material that it prevented him from extracting the gold. 
  • One of the samples of contaminated gold was sent to a lad for analysis, but they could not detect any gold.
  • Eventually hudson managed to separate the gold from the stuff was was left with a pure sample of 'problem stuff'. 
  • Hudson began to run experiments himself. He noticed that the substance would not dissolve in any acid or base and was heavy enough to drop to the bottom of molten lead.
  • Frustrated he sent a sample to a laboratory at the Cornell University for analysis, however the results from the spectroscopy were disappointing.
  • The sample analysed showed only iron silica and aluminium, exactly what you would expect to see in soil in that area. 
  • Hudson managed to get the sample re-tested (money related) and the laboratory removed the iron and aluminium, they were left with 98% of the sample and so repeated their x-ray spectroscopy test again.
  • The substance analysed to be nothing. Emission and absorption spectra did not agree with any spectra programmed into the machine. Nothing was identified. 

  • Hudson discovers some research collected by some Russian scientists belonging to the Soviet Academy of Sciences who had been working on a similar material. They claim that Hudson's material was a collection of special atoms belonging to the "platinum group". 
  • The elements were revealed when exposed to temperatures of around 5,200 degrees centigrade. 
  • A sample was eventually tested fro emission spectroscopy by fractional vaporization where the materials to be analyses is placed on the carbon electrode and burned for 300 seconds. 
  • As each element reaches its boiling point it vaporizes and gives off a unique spectrum of light. The light is captured and measured to create the readings.
  • After about 70seconds and continuing to 270 Hudson's material revealed significantly large proportions of precious metals: palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium and osmium. 
  • At the time of the test rhodium alone was selling for $13,000 an ounce, Hudson had an estimated 1,200 ounces per ton of rhodium in his material.
  • Hudson realises he has something very special.

  • Hudson was in a strange position, he had large amounts of material that contained large amounts of highly prized metals that would not test positive with any instruments. 
  • Luckily, a rhodium fuel company bought the material from him at $10,000 an ounce.
  • The company told Hudson that the fuel cells worked perfectly, and once the spent cells were tested, rhodium was clearly present. The company suggested getting a patent on the strange material.
  • It was when Hudson was preparing the data for his patent that he realised his material was mono-atomic, meaning that it existed as single, solitary atoms. 
  • Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORME) later became known as ORMUS.
  • As they are not involved with chemical bonds to other atoms mono-atmoic elements acquire a fast spinning nucleus that isn't spherical and shaped more like a banana.
  • Another strange phenomenon is that all of the spinning nuclei in the mono-atomic atoms do to to the same beat, regardless of mass. All dancing to the same universal beat that only affects mono-atomic atoms.
  • The electrons in the outer shell alter their orbits and become unavailable to chemical and electrical interactions, this is why mono-atomic elements are not detected by analytical systems designed to observe electron clouds.
  • The final product (fine white powder) contains 12 known mono-atomic elements.

  • Hudson's first patent application was returned as incomplete as he failed to write the weight of his product down. This wasn't done by mistake, Hudson tried to obtain a weight but the product gave anomalous readings.
  • Weight disappears and returns with varying temperatures. 
  • In thermo-gravimetric analysis a sample of iridium even showed a negative weight, meaning that it weighed less that the weight of the sample container it was placed in - Levitation. 
  • Hudson learned that the white powder iridium and rhodium were high temperature superconductors. 

  • There is very little published data on the topic. 
  • Although it is known that mono-atomic elements exist and that elements in the platinum group do acquire fast-spin nuclei and their electrons do prevent them from chemical and electrical bonding, it is not on the periodic table of elements and it is not taught at university level physics.
  • Information about mono-atomic matter seems to have somehow gone off the radar and is compared to scientific studies into zero-point energy, UFO propulsion and life extensions. Known as "exotic physics", no reputable scientists will risk their reputations by taking a position on ORME or ORMUS.  
  • Along Hudson's journey he was introduced to Alchemy, specifically to a material called white powder gold. Hudson became convinced that his mono-atomic material was in fact the philosophers stone, and that it is referred to in the bible as "manna".

  • The late lecturer, Laurence Gardner, became one of the most visible proponents for using white powder gold as a medicinal and spiritual cure-all. Gardner believed that mono-atomics are capable of increasing the body's intra and etra-cellular communications because of their superconductivity.  


  • There are no documented cases of consumers of white powder gold having reached nirvana or bi-location, the spiritual theory behind some of the ORMUS claims.
  • In 1966 the family of Leslie Burroughs filed a complaint against a physician who prescribed ORMUS intravenously to their daughter, resulting in her death from Sepsis. 
  • Problems with the powder include the fact that people who use ORMUS cannot be certain of its quality, sanitation or amount of gold in the product. 
  • What research has been done is conducted by orivate groups such as the Tempe, and Arizona based Spirit Foundation (who were involved with Hudson at the time). 

  • ORMUS will not react with other atoms, therefore will not break down in digestion and pose no risk of toxicity unlike other metals. 
  • It is believed that the fast spin of the nuclei in proximity to DNA molecules can influence the DNA and make it relax and repair itself (not evidenced, only theoretically supported).
  • The superconducting abilities of ORMUS have suggested that communication within the cell and between cells could be enhanced by the introduction of ORMUS materials. This theory is further supported after the recent discovery that superconducting light is indeed involved in cell metabolism and DNA replication.

  • As a superconductor, ORMUS is believed to partially exist in another dimension. One theory holds that to to stay synchronized with the universe the protons must move at a speed greater than the speed of light. This idea is thought to explain mysterious weight fluctuation witnessed during the materials production.
  • In theory, anything faster that the speed of light is fifth dimensional. So by taking ORMUS one gradually replaces their fourth dimension body with a fifth one (no evidence to support this, hypothesis derived from ancient texts).

  • Hudson claimed that he found 5-10% mono-atomic rhodium and iridium in the brains of pigs and calves brains which suggests its roll in our brains is critical. 
  • While no human brain studies have been published it is suggested that if superconducting atoms are integrated into our brains we should be able to 'link up' with other brains using the "Meissner Fields"  


Below are the notes referencing the sources used and additional reading material.


Below is a link for Hudsons UK patent, it lists in great detail the science and studies completed to support his claims and lists in detail all aspects of his ORMUS findings. Furthermore, the fact that the patent was accepted indicates that the information and data communicated is reliable.


Next, I reviewed information and research released by Barry Carter, one of the men interviewed in the 'All The Gold You Can Eat' documentary. There is an extensive amount of research listed on Carter's website, some research is his own with additional parts having been completed by other independent scientists. 

All information featured on the site seems fairly reliable, and has all the necessary referencing and evidence.  

Below are images of Carter's website, on which he reviews David Hudson's findings and research while also providing users with some other supporting theories derived from physics and chemistry. 

Carter's website acts as a reliable source of information as he analyses existing research completed on ORMUS while presenting readers with additional independent research to support his findings.

Due to the depth Carter's research goes into the data will act as a reliable source of information to scientifically support the unbelievable claims made about ORMUS.



Don Nance was introduced towards the end of the 'All The Gold You Can Eat' documentary, and was the one who eventually showed the producer how gold could be created from salt-based ORMUS.

I followed some of the links regarding Don on the 'All The Gold You Can Eat' website and found a written biography of his introduction to ORMUS and its healing capabilities.

The details covered in Don's story are both shocking and fascinating, I have listed some of the most important points of Don's journey below;
  •  Don's brother Tom contracted Hepatitis C during the Vietnam war and was consequently suffering from liver failure. His blood vessels were constricted and he was placed onto a waiting list for a new kidney. Furthermore, he had to regularly go to hospital to get blood transfusions to help him stay alive.
  • Around the same time, Don was diagnosed with colon cancer and was told that he needed a major surgery immediately. Don refused as he had started to follow a different path and consider other forms of treatment.   
  • Both Don and his brothers medical insurance companies had canceled on them, and they had used all of their savings on past medical bills. It was around this time when Don read about David Hudson and ORMUS.
  • He decided to order some of the mysterious material after reading about its healing properties. Both he and Tom started ingesting 2 table spoons of the ORMUS daily. 
  • Some of the Physicists that David Hudson hired to research into the material discovered that the elements were room temperature superconductors. 
  • Simultaneously, US government researchers (Naval Research Lab) discovered that our bodies communicate on a cellular level through a quantum resonance phenomena and this could only be accomplished if there were body temperature superconductors in every cell of our bodies. This is all still quite unknown to the professional medical community.
  • Accounts or ORMUS usage have been found throughout human history. The material is often referred to as an ancient medicine, named 'The Golden Tear From The Eye Of Horus' by the Egyptians, and 'Manna' by the Hebrews. 
  • OMRUS cures and perfects our minds, bodies and spirits. 
  • After ingesting the ORMUS concentrate for around several months both Don and Tom show significant improvements both health and appearance wise. Tom has not needed a blood transfusion for over four months and Don has got the all clear from his colon cancer.
  • The spiritual effects were subtle, and resulted in a way of thinking which created a desire to do the right thing.
  • An increased intuitive ability and pronounced sessions of astral projection, an a "space" which greatly enhances meditations and prayer
  • Shortly after his recovery Don was taught how to make the material by several methods and from many sources. I make it from ocean water, Great Salt Lake water, Dead Sea water, from minerals and from the black sand that is assayed to contain 70% rhodium, 15% iridium and 15% gold. The only thing that was asked of him was to then teach others. 

Below are Don's (very detailed) notes on how to make white gold powder from a 1/4 ounce of gold;


  • I would like to experiment with making my own ORMUS as part of my primary research, however I do not have access or funds to a 1/4 ounce of pure gold, so unfortunately will not be able to. 

Don also runs a website called Ocean Alchemy, the site provides users with some easy to digest information regarding ORMUS and acts as a platform for the distribution of some of his ORMUS products. 

  • He established that the gold and other platinum group elements exist in nature as monatoms. These monatoms are not bonded together to form metal and hence are not detectable by standard metals analysis methods. 
  • As the elements are undetectable modern physicists say they must exist, but are missing.
  • They are not missing. They are simply not bonded together to form the metals that everyone has been looking for. 
  • Hudson also discovered that brain tissue contains a full 5% of monatomic rhodium and iridium by dry matter weight. These monatomic elements are abundant in nature. They are found in aloe vera plants, carrots, grapes and grape seeds, watercress and in ocean water. This material exists naturally in our bodies and in every living thing. They are a conductor of the life force. They are how our cells communicate with our consciousness.


The research that I have reviewed so far has all been taken from people directly associated with promoting ORMUS and its abilities as a substance. From an analytical point of view these opinions could be seen as biased towards ORMUS, as the researchers supporting them have an intensive to promote its success. Therefore, I wanted to review other secondary sources as a way of collecting a body of research that cannot be classed as biased in any way. 

I started my scientific based research by reviewing an article created for NEXUS magazine in 2007. Nexus magazine is a bi-monthly news magazine that covers future sciences and technology, often using hard scientific evidence to back up information presented. 

I found an article named 'The Magic and Mystery of ORMUS Elements' which was written by Roger Taylor, PhD, BVSc, he has a PhD in immunology and set up the UK Medical Research Council's Immunobiology Research Group at the University of Bristol.

Article link - Link

  • No single article on ORMUS has appeared in any scientific journal because Hudson's claims are so challenging. 
  • There is no academic research into ORMUS currently underway.
  • However, there is a loose group of scientists and lay people who have been studying ORMUS for years.
  • The researcher have had no funding, official laboratory premises and no connection with Hudson, and yet have managed to reproduce his some of his claims and findings.
  • The work along with Hudson's is summarised by Barry Carter on his extensive and informative website reviewed above. 

  • The basic fact - a number of precious (and some not so precious) metals, including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, copper and several others can exist in a completely different state, in which they are not metallic but a white or grey powder when isolated in a solid state.  
  • Hudson said that in the ORMUS form of these elements, the electrons are re-arranged in such a way that they is no longer participate in chemical reactions. Likewise, bonds that usually hold metal attoms together in the solid form are lacking, so they are effectively monoatomic. 
  • More recent work suggests that at least some of these may be diatomic, and also that very loose bonds can exist with certain other elements, particularly in alkaline metals.
  • Another claim states that ORMUS is a superconducter at normal temperatures. Barry carter evidenced this by showing ORMUS jumping away from a magnet however it is argued that this 'grain hopping' phenomenon does not prove superconductivity. 
  • Hudson preformed analysis on a wide variety of soils and found ORMUS elements in nearly all the samples.   
  • Hudson's chemists made analyses of a number of plant tissues and found ORMUS content to be highest in plants, especially aloe vera which are grown in volcanic soils.

  • A great deal more research needs to be done on the physics and chemistry side of ORMUS to elucidate some of the extraordinary phenomena.
  • On drying and aqueous preparation of ORMUS rhodium on filter paper in sunlight Hudson observed it to disappear with an intense flash of light, but with no sound or shock wave. Stranger still, when he subjected the same material to repeated heating, he observed its weigh violently oscillate. This has been incorperated into the hyperdimensional theory of Finnish theoretical physicist Matti Pitkanen. 
  • Independant researchers have confirmed the soundless flash of light, there is also one claim to have confirmed weight fluctuation. 
  • Another phenomena observed is drops of liquid containing ORMUS forming on the outside of containers under the influence of magnetic fields.
  • This has lead to suppose that ORMUS particles can pass through the walls by quantum-tunneling and carry a little water with them.
  • Another unexplained observation that has been documented is that certain ORMUS preparations in aquatic solutions can acquire a static electric charge. The charge can be discharged with an audible spark.  
  • There are a number of publications which suggest the presence of superconductivity in living organisms, which supports Hudson's speculations on the involvement of ORMUS with DNA. Even that it can correct DNA damage. 
  • Someone suggested Hudson research into Alchemy and look at "white gold" that some if the alchemists had described has healing properties and could extend life-span. 
  • After reading about the apparent qualities of White Gold Hudson have some to a sick dog that was terminally ill from cancer and tick fever. When the dog recovered human volunteers began to offer to take it themselves, with apparent good results.
  • Hudson gave ORMUS samples to various doctors to give to their terminally ill patients. In Hudsons talks he gives graphic reports of some of the remarkable recoveries. 

  • Since then people have been making and selling ORMUS to thousands of people, most of whome have no major illnesses.
  • Many have obtained improvements in general health and energy, with changes in attitude also being documented (a lot of people become inclined to be more spiritual).
  • There are also reports of recovery from serious illnesses such as cancer.
  • There have been no clinical trials, not even collated tables of results. And so, no precise analysis of its healing qualities exist. 
  • One can evidence the immediate effect of ORMUS by certain techniques used to monitor the effectiveness of energy medicine therapies. One is dark-field microscopy of the blood, which shows a persons red cells to become more rounded and well-separated and the amount of derbies in the serum decrease. 
  • There are also reports from EEG studies of increasing balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 
  • Another technique is bioelectrography, a general term used for Kirlian photography and later developments from it. It has been elaborated into a quantitative science by Dr Knostantin Korotkov.
  • Writer documents own experience with results and evidence. 

  • In view of difficulties in obtaining scientific data on human health  emphasis must be put on ORMUS' effect on plants. 
  • The preparation mostly used for agriculture is simplest and cheapest. A concentrate made from sea water.
  • There are various scientific studies supporting the use of seawater to produce a good crop yield, one reffered to is Dr. Maynard Murray.
  • Results from using an ORMUS concentrate far outdo anything else. For example, a walnut tree watered with an ORMUS concentrate for over seven years has grown to over twice the height of control tress and now produces walnuts six times the weight of a normal walnut, the nuts themselves are the size of an orange. 
  • A plumb tree treated for a year produced individual fruits nearly twice the weight of thoes produced by the control tree, in the second year they were over five times the weight.
  • Oranges have been produced the size of canteloupe melons.
  • There are also consistent reports by thoes using ORMUS that ORMUS-treated crops are more productive, mature earlier, need less fertiliser and have a greater resistance to pests.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of scientific input on the topic I could not find any further reliable research independent from the ORMUS community. I believe this is due to the point raised in David Hudson's review;

'Information about mono-atomic matter seems to have somehow gone off the radar and is compared to scientific studies into zero-point energy, UFO propulsion and life extensions. Known as "exotic physics", no reputable scientists will risk their reputations by taking a position on ORME or ORMUS.'


While researching into ORMUS I also discovered alternative view points that highlight the dangers surrounding the substance. Although there are various independent scientific studies into ORMUS and the positive effects that the substance can have, there is no current institutionally directed studies. Therefore, in the eyes of modem science a lot of the research that has currently been conducted is not viable, and so cannot be relied on as evidence to support the claims.

Below is a passage explaining some of the possible dangers associated with taking ORMUS from 'White Owl' a Native American shaman.


Collecting primary research on the subject has proved to be almost impossible due to the lack of information and knowledge surrounding the subject. Despite this I wanted to utilise as many research sources as possible and therefore decided to contact someone currently using ORMUS to ask about its effects on the body and changes, positive or negative they have encountered while taking the material.

I don't personally know any ORMUS users, or how I would go about finding them, therefore I have decided to contact people who have blogs or post ORMUS related videos on youtube.


To ensure that I maximise my chance of getting a response I will create a standardized set of questions that I will then disseminate to ORMUS users via the internet. 

  1. Do you take ORMUS? and is so, how long have you been taking it? 
  2. How often do you ingest ORMUS? And what size dose do you usually take?
  3. After taking your first few doses of ORMUS were there any immediate effects or changes that you could feel?
  4. What changes have you noticed as you continued to take ORMUS? And have these changes developed in any way?
  5. Have you encountered any negative side effects while taking ORMUS? 


I wanted to disseminate the questions to people that were definitely taking ORMUS, unfortunatly there is no way of telling for certain if the people I am messaging are definitely taking the substance. However, to increase my chances of contacting and getting a response from a legitimate source I emailed people who have posted videos reviewing the effects ORMUS has had on them. 

The first person I email is a woman from America called Charis Brown, she has posted numerous videos testing different types of ORMUS and seems like an experienced person to ask. I followed a link on her youtube profile to her website, from which there was a box for sending contact messages to her. 

Below is the video I first watched where Charis talks about ingesting ORMUS;

The message I sent;


Currently no response. 

Next, I messaged a person called Eric Harvey who posts numerous videos regarding healthy eating, meditation and spirituality. I was first drawn to Eric when I watched one of his videos where he talks about his experiences with ORMUS. Specifically, Eric talks about the spiritual effects that he encountered while taking the substance, therefore I sent him a message similar to the one originally sent to Charis. 

I sent the message to his youtube email account as he regularly uploads videos and I was unable to find any other contact details.

Below is Eric's video;

And the message that was sent;


After a few days Eric got back in touch regarding the questions that I sent to him, the message I received is displayed below and details Eric's response. Instead of answering my questions via email or message he decided to make me an informative video with his personal take on the subject and questions posed.

Eric's video response;


  • My new name is Roger.
  • 2-3 years ago started taking ORMUS after watching David Wolfe and Matt Monarch talking about it.
  • No one fundamentally understands what it is.
  • ORMUS is real and true and will affect you.
  • ORMUS can be detrimental and can be positive. 
  • Eric took a dosage of a tea spoon to half a tea spoon of ORMUS a day.
  • Diet can affect ORMUS effects.
  • Processed foods help to displace human energy.
  • Dosage was worked up to a table spoon.
  • If your body is not detoxified ORMUS can cause twitching of the muscles due to excess energy.
  • ORMUS comes in various forms, liquid, powdered and in water form. Some forms are more effective than others.
  • Eric takes ORMUS on and off, when he first tried ORMUS he had to stop taking it, had an out of body experience. Could have been affected by the fact that he was fasting at the time.
  • Its important, if you are taking ORMUS to get your body into a clean state, changes should be made to diet and lifestyle.
  • ORMUS is not all positive, can bring up repressed memories and emotions.
  • Currently takes one tea-spoon a day, when you stop taking you can notice the change.
  • ORMUS caused his body to repulse water. Quit taking ORMUS for a few days and the negative effect stopped. At the time Eric was eating foods out of his optimum diet.
  • ORMUS can cause an overload of energy, practicing yoga and jogging can help to deal with excess energy.


A word that I continually encountered while collecting my research into ORMUS was 'Alchemy', a term which is defined as the transmutation of minerals into gold and has been practiced for as long as recorded history. 

There is a brief summary of Alchemy made available on the 'All The Gold You Can Eat' website;

  • Alchemy is defined as the transmutation of common metals into gold.
  • Practice is as old as recorded history.
  • All the major ancient civilisations were as fascinated with gold as we are today.
  • The egyptians were known to practice alchemy, a master science fused with elemental magic was taught to them by the God Thoth, who claimed to be the source of both human and divine knowledge.
  • The Greek analogue of Thoth was Hermes Trismegistus, which is why alchemy is known today as hermetic art. 
  • The awareness of alchemy has always been outside the knowledge of the common man, and has maintained an 'occult' ("hidden") characteristic. 
  • In early modern history, great thinkers such as Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and John Dee were all known to have devoted time to unlocking the secrets of alchemy. 
  • Alchemy cannot be defined by the mere transfusion of metals into gold, its about the transforming of elements into higher states, and matter into spirit.
  • The heart of alchemy is spiritual, which is why so much of alchemys history is steeped in esoteric law, ridual and magic.


To help me gain an informed knowledge of alchemy and its origins I started researching into the history of the topic.  


While researching into alchemy I became infatuated with the graphics utilised to portray the subject, they are detailed, well composed and often display interesting images revolving around alchemy practices and symbols. 

Therefore, as the final part of my research I chose to collect a body of aesthetic research into alchemy related imagery from secondary website sources.

The meaning of these symbols and images is something that really interests me and is something that i want to research into further.

Basic Alchemy Symbols 

Alchemy:  Omnia Vnvs Est. An #Alchemy artwork.

astrology, alchemy, and magic!

Alchemy - yep this is how it really is... geocentric

alchemy wheel


Images created all seem to utilise an etching style of production, using cross hatched lines to build up detail and create depth.

Alchemy Science History Art Print Alchimia by TigerHouseArt, $14.00

alchemy #uroboros

You mean... coitus? The Alchemical Wedding.


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