Saturday, 29 March 2014


Through a friend I managed to get the personal email of a student teacher in her final year of university. As part of her practice she has to complete a number of work placements throughout the duration of her course, this means she has a lot of experience working with children within the primary school environment. 

Before writing and sending the set of questions I messaged her to see if she had time to respond to my survey, after receiving a positive reply I progressed with creating the questions. 

I started this process by first noting down what I wanted to gain from the questionnaire.

After creating the list of things I want to find out from the interview I composed a series of six questions with a supporting overview to give the questions context and make them easier to understand. 

After creating the questions I send the survey to the provided email address. 


After only a short while I received the response documented below. 

  • Due to the age range of children that she has taught (3 - 9 years old) her responses are especially relevant to my project as the children that are specifically targeted usually fall within this age range. 
  • Both the children that she has taught and the children other teachers have taught that she has observed regularly discussed toys and products while in lesson - these types of commodity based discussions happen on an almost daily basis.
  • Technology is the main thing discussed throughout most schools - knowledge surrounding technological products such as the ipad and computers is common amongst teachers and students alike.
  • Children often discuss the different games consoles they have and the various games that they play on them. 
  • Apps are also a big talking point between children - this indicates they have, or have access to iphones. 
  • Lucy was unaware that advertising agencies target educational institutions - my outcome could help solve this problem.
  • Lucy would also support a campaign to educate children and adults about the industry. 

  • The response revived was very useful and insightful. 
  • Commodity based products are a daily topic of discussion in most schools Lucy has taught in/visited - corporate influence is already well established. 
  • Technology is the main point of discussion.
  • Lucy was unaware that advertising agencies target educational institutions - room for an ethical solution.
  • Lucy would also support a campaign that educated about the advertising industry. 

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