Thursday, 17 October 2013


Next, I made a short survey to see if other creative students had encountered the same or similar problems. To get the most reliable results I wanted to disseminated the survey to a large audience of students so I mailed Tom the link asking him to send it to all the students in college;

My initial list of questions.

Question Refinement 

  1. What subject are you currently studying?
  2. Do you create work that goes through some stage of the print process?
  3. Have you attended any print workshops while you have been at Leeds College of Art?
  4. What print methods do you think are most relevant to your practice?
  5. Would you feel confident enough to complete this print process alone? 
  6. Do you feel it would benefit your practice if you understood the print process better?
  7. Are you aware of the technical specifications associated with print? For example, spot and process colours?
  8. Have you been introduced to the finishing techniques available?
  9. Would you like to know more about the finishing techniques and how they can benefit your work?
  10. The workshops act as a good introduction to the different print processes. However, at any point after the workshops do you feel further support is needed to help you understand the process thoroughly? 

I used the website 'Survey Monkey' to host my survey online, this enabled me to disseminate it to a large target audience with relative ease.



Next, after collecting the results from my survey I browsed over the fine details and analysed the data, the aim of this is to see what conclusions I can make about students and their interaction with the print process.

  • 98% of students who participated in the survey create work that goes through some stage of the print process.
  • Silk screen printing and Digital printing are the most common printing techniques used by students.
  • 92.6% of students believe that their practice would benefit if they know more about these print processes.
  • Only 45.5% of students know what finishing techniques are available in college....
  • And 90.6% of students who participated in the survey want to know more about the available techniques and how they can be applied.
  • Although the majority of students attend print workshops while they are at Leeds College of Art, 76.5% of them believe that further help is needed after these to help them completely understand the process.
  • Students from certain subjects like photography have little or no knowledge of the different print processes, but feel that it would benefit their practice if they knew more.

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