Thursday, 21 November 2013


Today we had a lecture on 'Globalisation, Sustainability and the Media'. The lecture touched on points regarding: the spread of a single western culture throughout the world, fuelled by big business and media outlets, Media control, Media as a form of modern propaganda and Sustainability. I found the lecture really engaging as it touched on many points that I am personally interested in and passionate about.

  • The conclusion of the lecture reminded me of a recent documentary I watched called 'The Four Horsemen'. Produced free from mainstream media propaganda the documentary first lists the four main problems plaguing our global society, and then offers a possible solution to the mess caused by the capitalist system still in place. The documentary touches on a lot of the points covered in the lecture, however presents a solution that doesn't involve the abolishment of capitalism (entirely). Interestingly, instead it suggests we rethink the old neo-classical economics style of thinking to create a new, functional economic system ran for and by the people.

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