Friday, 29 November 2013


Firstly, I decided that my outcome will utilize a similar form and binding method to the 'Pantone Formula Guide' used to accurately select and communicate colour.

As my outcomes form is predominantly based on the Pantone guide I though it was important to review the guides construction first hand. 

What am reviewing;
  • Stock (covers and pages).
  • Binding method.
  • Finishing methods (laminates etc).
  • Text size.
  • Page layouts.

  • The Pantone Guides are packaged in a protective case to help prevent against deterioration when not used, the case also doubles up as a handy way of keeping individual guides together.
  • My outcome could utilize a case or display stand so that it is not just left around when not in use.

  • The corners of the guide have been rounded which helps against the deterioration of the pages.  
  • A laminated stock has been used for the cover and bottom of the guide, this will help with the cleaning of the product if inks transferring onto guide.

  • Surprisingly a relatively thin stock has been used for the pages of the guide meaning that when you pick the guide up it bends in an uncontrollable manner, this is a serious design flaw as it affects the ability to easily navigation through the pages of the guide.
  • A thicker stock has been used for the cover and back pages, however it is still not strong enough to support the weight of all the pages. 
  • Moreover, a mixture of gloss and matt stocks has been used throughout the guide, the stock differs as this guide shows colours printed on coated paper. 
  • When selecting the stock for my outcome I will utilize a thick paper stock with a gsm of around 270 to help prevent against the bending of pages, the thicker stock used for the covers and title pages will also help with the stability of the outcome.

  • All of the text has been printed at a small size (6pt at a guess) to ensure that all information could fit into the space provided.
  • My guide will look similar to this when opened.

  • Page detail.

  • To bind the individual pages together a plastic binding screw has been used.
  • I will utilize the same binding method to hold the pages of my outcome together.

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