Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Once I had finalised the concept, defined the specific details of the publication, finished my dissertation and defined the relevant design decisions, I was in a position to start the digital development process of the outcomes design.


The digital design process was started by first creating the title page illustrations. As the three main chapters that will be featured in the publication had previously been defined I was able to create illustrations relevant to each of the individual sections.
  • Capitalism and Climate change. 
  • The Transformational Festival Movement.  
  • Forming Networks/Facilitating Change. 

Due to the print method selected to produce the publication all images featured had to be edited and turned into single colour, halftone images. If this process was not completed before creating the final illustrations the images would not print correctly. 

To achieve the desired effect, the selected images were placed into Photoshop, had their colour discarded and were edited using the 'Colour Halftone' filter. 

Additional to the halftone images, I also created a range of vector based illustrations that had relevance to some of the visual themes outlined in the development stages of the project.


Reducing the amount of screens used to print the outcome will reduce the environmental impact of the physical piece. Therefore, as sustainability is one of the predominant focuses of the module, I decided that when printing the publication I will expose all of the individual illustrations on one screen. Exposing the screens in such a way not only reduced the amount of screens needed to produce the publication, but will allow me to build up layered illustrations by combining the individual illustrations. 


After the illustrations had been created for the various aspects of the outcome I was able to progress with the digital development of the newspaper. The design process was quick as I had the rewritten body copy and illustrations ready to drop into the created layouts.

As previously outlined, I decided to utilise a small size for the publication to ensure it is easy for recipients to carry around and read on the go. Therefore, I had to set up a custom sized document that had pages slightly smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

  • Infographics where created in illustrator to help readers visualise the statistical data presented within the text.  

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