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Our planet is currently facing monumental changes which are undeniably a consequence of human influence. Since the start of the industrial revolution humans have unremittingly polluted and mindlessly used non-renewable resources. Consequently, humanity has been left with a choice, build towards a sustainable society, or keep on consuming towards the destruction of the planet.

The content of the paper looks to address the varying facets surrounding the environmental issues currently faced by humanity, outlining the problems existing within modern society and offering insights into the movements currently building towards a sustainable future. Initially, to help readers understand the context of what is later discussed, the paper will specifically outline and analyse the source of the environmental problems currently plaguing the earth. By defining the source of the problems it subsequently becomes easier to identify the solutions and support the ideas needed to facilitate them.

Once the source of the problems has been identified, the publication subsequently reviews the movements’ currently supporting and disseminating philosophies key to creating a positive future for the planet. With a specific focus on the transformational festival movement, the publication will review the intrinsic values, activities and sustainable technologies key to creating the positive atmospheres characteristic of transformational events. It is identified that the philosophies and approach to existence practiced at such festivals help to create temporary environments that illustrates how a future society, focused on environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, could essentially function.

The final chapter establishes the importance of the need for a social revolution and global transition towards complete sustainability, specifically aiming to establish how such a transformation can be attained. Building on information presented in the previous section, the paper reviews the significance of transformational events to this global transition, reviewing the application of their sustainable technologies and values to permanent settlements. The paper concludes by looking to the future, studying how the transformational festival movement is starting to form networks, expand, and how ultimately, change is already underway.  

The main aim of the paper, and justification for its existence, is to help raise awareness of the transformational festival movement, supporting free cultural space communities and their significance to the global transformation. Essentially, by disseminating such information, the paper itself becomes a tool for change and actively contributes to strengthening the transformational movement. To ensure that the paper adheres to the sustainable philosophies discussed it has been printed in a limited run, using newsprint made from post-consumer waste using vegetable based inks. For those unable to get a copy of the publication, or for the people looking to further distribute the information featured within it, a PDF download available online by following a link featured in the outcome. 


The outcome embodies various aspects of the dissertation, with slight revisions to the content to make it read fluently. The content featured withing the physical outcome is coherent with the dissertation and helps to form a synergy with it as;
  • The publication actively communicates relevant points made within the dissertation.
  • The final part of the dissertation discusses the importance of forming global networks and raising awareness of the movement to achieve the transformed worldview needed to overcome capitalism - The physical outcome acts as a way of achieving this by disseminating relevant information needed to facilitate social change. 
  • An overarching theme of the dissertation is sustainability - The physical outcome actively contributes to this philosophy by embodying aspects of sustainability throughout its production.   

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