Friday, 9 January 2015


Today I had my final formative feedback session with Richard in which we went over the varying dissertation amendments and reviewed my progression with the physical outcome. 

Over the christmas period I spent a lot of time writing and refining my dissertation ready for the deadline in early January. Therefore, the copy of the essay that Richard reviewed before the feedback session was completed to a submission standard, enabling me to receive feedback on all the relevant aspects of the piece before the final submission. 

In preparation for the session, I also presented my current progress with the physical outcome. Although only still in the early stages of design, it was good to show Richard the aesthetic theme and direction the outcome is heading in. The sheet that was presented is displayed below. 


During the session, important points discussed were noted down the feedback sheet that is displayed below. 

  • 9,897 words - Do not add anything else!!
  • Single line spacing for extended quotes.
  • Italicise titles of books - bibliography.
  • Explicitly evidence synthesis on blog.


Overall, the session was really useful and left me in a positive frame of mind before the COP3 submission. 

Progression from the feedback session is fairly straight forwards, with regards to my dissertation, I need to...
  • make the last few amendments outlined during the session. 
  • Have a final read through the dissertation before printing and binding. 

Moreover, with regards to the physical outcome, at the current position I am at with the piece I simply need to...
  • Finish the last aspects of digital design.
  • Screenprint the outcome on Monday.
  • Blog process and synergy with written piece.  


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