Tuesday, 16 October 2012



In todays seminar with Richard we learned about the progression of Russian design throughout the Russian revolution that started in 1917.  I found the seminar really interesting, as I had never been introduced to Russian design before. Designs such as ‘Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge’ by El Lissitzky really opened my eyes to how Russian designers were considering how to deliver the intended message on many levels. Using shapes and colours to portray their message to the illiterate percentage of the audience. Moreover, I was also surprised to see how experimental they were with different production techniques such as photomontage.  We see images created by A. Rodchenko that use this technique and would not look out of place being produced in the design world today.  Below are my notes that I took during the seminar. 

Overall, I found the seminar really interesting, and I hope to widen my knowledge of russian design from this time period.

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