Tuesday, 23 October 2012


In todays seminar with Richard we learnt about graphic design and modernism and the relationship they share. I came to the understanding that graphic design was born out of modernism, and its strict rules.

We first started by looking at work by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti who founded the futurist movement; he experimented with type and layout to convey onomatopoeias, an example of which can be seen in his work ‘Parole in Liberta’. His piece not only applies a minimalist context, but also experiments with type layout and placement.


Moreover, we also looked at work from Swiss designer Joseph Muller-Brockmann, a designer whose work revolves round grid layouts and typography. The work he creates is timeless as he utilizes clean, simplistic fonts combined with a neat layout.


 Finally, we ended the session with an interview with designer Massimo Vignelli, were he talked in detail about his designs for a map of the New York Subway. The map is simple, making it clear and easy to follow. Its obvious that Massimo is a modernist designer as his map combines functionality with simple graphics and type, creating the epitome of modernistic design.


Below is an article written by Massimo Vignelli about his views on modernism.  

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