Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The images below document a journal that was purchased from Alan Dearling during his talk at Boom.

During my time at the festival, I was lucky enough to attend a day of lectures relevant to the focuses of my dissertation, all of which were hosted at the Liminal Village, Booms cultural space where lectures and talks run throughout the duration of the event. 


The 4th Futurological Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces was held at Boom Festival on one of the final days of the event, offering a selection of lectures and discussions from people involved with various counter cultural projects from around the world. The overarching aim of the symposium was to discuss the current development of an independently focused, internationally linked culture among free cultural spaces.

One of the lectures I attended during the symposium was presented by Alan Dearling an author and journalist from the UK. During Alan's talk he discussed the current developments and future possibilities associated with developing a network among FCS's, specifically focusing on how we can connect older and younger generations to become more cohesive.

At the end of his talk, Alan offered a journal that summarised the three previous symposiums and specifically documented and transcribed the 3rd Futurological Symposium held at the Ruigoord commune in July 2013. 

I decided to purchase the journal to help me with my dissertation research as it is relevant to various aspects of my study.

  • Summarises the three previous symposiums - gives context to topics discussed at boom and has relevance to the final chapter of my investigation. 
  • Transcribes various presentations from the previous futurological symposium - information presented has relevance to the final chapter of my study.
  • Includes emerging texts reviewing and concluding the topics discussed at the symposia.
  • Includes information on the relevance of Transformational Festivals to the developing networks - specifically relevant to my investigation. 


Images below document the journal that was purchased during Alan's talk including my assessment (highlighted areas) of information relevant to my study.  

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