Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Before my third feedback session with Richard I decided to develop a final idea for the physical aspect of the context of practice module. 

One of the most essential aspects of the physical piece is that it forms synergy with the written element of the module and actively supports and communicates the ideas that are presented to the reader. 

At the point of developing ideas for the physical element of the module my essay was over half completed and was planned section by section to the end of the final chapter. Having over six thousand words of written copy and the supporting detailed plan allowed me to create informed concepts that met with the requirements listed above.     


Using the essay and plan I formed a list of the main topics and focuses featured in my dissertation;
  • Capitalism & Climate change.
  • Event Sustainability.
  • Sustainable technologies - application to larger communities.
  • Free Cultural Spaces.
  • Counter-cultural Networks.
  • Facilitating global movements. 


The spider diagram below documents my initial ideas for the physical outcome.    

  • Sustainable festival branding - Complete branding for a transformational festival using strictly sustainable production techniques. 
  • Dharma Dragon (newspaper) - Boom festival newspaper including facts and figures about the festival movement and aspects of the dissertation. 
  • Sustainability Branding Booklet - Booklet that would be sent to festivals such as Boom festival detailing how they could produce their print based branding more sustainably.
  • Transformational Festival Participant Booklet - Small booklet given to attendants informing them of the counter-cultural aspects of the movement and helps to facilitate the networks discussed in the final chapter of the study.
  • Network Website - Forum style website which Free Cultural Spaces (such as Transformational Festivals and Ecovillages) can sign up to and disseminate relevant information. Website would also help to facilitate the networks discussed in the final chapter. 


Once I had created a range of usable concepts I progressed with the project by assessing each idea to help me identify the most relevant concept. The process of refinement was started by first outlining most important focuses of my dissertation, a decision which would subsequently allow me to ascertain which of the ideas have the most relevance and application as the physical synthesis aspect of the module. 

  • Capitalism vs environment.
  • Sustainable communities.
  • Forming networks.

After listing the main aspects of my dissertation it became clear that the ideas with most relevance to the written aspect of the module would disseminate information about the transformational festival movement and current counter-cultural communities, subsequently helping to actively strengthen the networks that are currently being formed amongst 'Free Cultural Space' communities. 

Of all of the initial ideas listed above, the one concept that ticked all of the boxes while simultaneously appealing to my interests as a print focused graphic designer is the festival newspaper. 

  • Festival Newspaper.

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