Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I started the research aspect of the project by first analysing the lyrics of the chosen song. I outlined Elbow as my artist of focus and so had to anayse their song 'Grounds For Divorce'.

The process of song analysis was started by reviewing the music video available on Youtube.

  • The video largely focuses on alcohol and the typical drinking environment - Outcome could reflect this. 
  • Video is set in a bar location.
  • The video is rendered in quite dark tones creating a dull image of the bar environment.
  • Cup is aggressively hammered on table.
  • Lyrical references to using alcohol as a form of escape from problems - Relates to alcoholism, outcome could capture this. 

After analysing the music video for the song I progressed with analysing the songs lyrics;


  • First line of the song instantly relates to drinking - the fact that Monday is also mentioned made me think of alcoholism. 
  • Writer makes a cocktail called 'Grouds For Divorce' is the alcohol the reason for the divorce?
  • Writer lost and looking for direction - compass reference.
  • Writer cannot help but succumb to the inviting environment of the pub. 


Once I had analysed the songs lyrics I felt I had a good understanding of the subtle messages it communicates and so progressed with my research by reviewing the competition details. Reviewing the details of the competition is an important aspect of the design process as it allows me to ensure my entry does not break any rules and is subsequently disqualified. 


After defining a concept that focuses on portraying the dullness of a typical pub based drinking environment I decided to collect a set of primary images. One plus side to this was the fact I got to combine primary research with drinking ale.

The images displayed below were taken at The Packhorse Pub in the city centre. 

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