Saturday, 12 April 2014


Recently while browsing through the treasures that can be found in an Accrington second hand shop I came across this small bottle that was previously used for some 70 proof alcohol. At a cost of only 5 pence it was hard to resist so I bought it to analyse as part of my primary research for studio brief 2.

The bottle itself is around the size of the various containers that I want to order as part of the packaging aspect of studio brief two. Therefore, the bottle has relevance as it allows me to assess possible decisions relating to label and type size. 

Featured on the bottle are two accompanying lables placed on its front and back faces. The font label measures 40x54mm and the back label measures 20x65mm, both labels have small graphics and type that is around 4pt in size. Although the type is small it is still legible. However, for members of the audience whose eyesight is not perfect it could be a struggle to read.

Assessing the bottle has allowed me to understand that there will be limitations with regards as to how much information will be displayed on the bottle labels featured as part of my response to studio brief two. This information will be taken into consideration when defining what data will be featured on each label of my outcome. 

  •  The front label has a balance of imagery and type.

  • A clear hierarchy can be defined with the heading font placed next to the horse graphic.

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