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Before progressing with the project I started collecting a body of research to help inform the content and aesthetics of my outcome. As the poster will be submitted to the website 'Alternative Movie Posters', I decided to research into and assess the quality and style of existing work featured on their site. 

Below is a selection of posters I found to be inspirational while browsing the sites content.

Avengers poster - Rhafael Aseo

  • Illustrative design features a composition of the main relevant characters.
  • Limited colours used.
  • My outcome could feature a similar concept to represent the given film.

Batman - Nikita Kaun

  • One colour illustration plus stock - relevant to brief restrictions. 
  • Engaging illustration captures viewer attention. 
  • Communicates dark mood of the film.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Adam Juresko

  • Limited use of colour is relevant to restrictions set by brief - inspiration as to how my design could be coloured. 
  • Type communicating the films title and main actors has also been featured - helps to give the outcome context as a film poster.

Attack The Block - Joe Wilson 

  • Design features an illustration directly relevant to the films content to form a visual representation of the film. 
  • Simple yet effective.
  • Captures mood of the film well through applied graphics and colour scheme.

ARGO - Jonathan Burton 

  • Definitive scene of the film is the only thing that is needed to create an engaging and relevant poster for the film.
  • No type communicating the films name or actors has been featured, solely relies on illustration as a form of communication. 

Breaking Bad - Ken Taylor

  • Another main character composition has been utilised to represent the series. 
  • The intricacy of the illustration helps to create an engaging outcome. 

The brief also provided us with a list of inspirational & relevant artists to review as part of our research. I reviewed all of the featured designers and chose a selection that I found truly inspiring and relevant to the module.

All City Media

  • The two posters displayed above both utilise a limited amount of colour, an aspect that is directly relevant to my outcome due to the restrictions of the brief. 
  • Both posters feature typography that fits with the aesthetic of the illustration style applied - helps to give context as a film poster.
  • Although simple in appearance  the posters effectively communicate aspects of the chosen films as a they communicate definite aspects of their content through illustration style and colour.

Olly Moss


  • I personally find the posters created by designer Olly Moss to be some of the most effective posters featured on this research post. 
  • The posters all utilise a limited colour pallet relevant to the restrictions set by our brief - showcase what can be achieved by cleverly applying a limited amount of colour. 
  • Negative space and intricate illustrations are used to create a visual outcome relevant to the film.
  • Additional film information is also applied in a style relevant to the illustration.

Saul Bass

  • Saul bass is a relevant designer to feature as he works to the same restrictions we have been set by the brief and continues to create relevant, engaging posters to represent a huge range of films. 
  • My outcome could be created in a similar style, using a simple, relevant illustration with contrasting background to from a representation of the featured film. 

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