Saturday, 12 April 2014


I started collecting primary research for the brief by watching the given film and taking notes outlining aspects I could use to visually represent the film. 

While watching the movie I looked for the main characters of the film and definitive, recognisable moments that could be used to inspire the focus of my poster. As I want to create a poster that utilises a similar means of communication as Saul Bass selecting an important film moment is vital to the success of the poster.

As a rom-com this was not my normal choice of film, however it was not unbearable to watch due to Paul Rudd's performance in the film.

  • Georges steak throw - funny and memorable.
  • George singing to the lamp - funny and memorable.
  • The blind date.
  • George bangs head on table.
  • Meeting in the lift scene - starts the romance process.
  • Broken lamp joke - funny and memorable.
  • Fall in love - specifically the scene where she stands outside his house - funny, memorable and definitive. 


As well as a series of notes defining moments of the film I could utilise to create my poster I took a series of screen shots to form a body of primary aesthetic research.

  • The two above image document the steak throw scene.

  • George singing to the lamp drunk after splitting up with his current girlfriend. 

  • Elevator scene. 

  • Table face plant after receiving bad news -  another funny moment of the film. 

  • Funny note written by Matty, definitive and memorable aspect of the film - would form a good visual representation of the film.

  • This screen shot depicts the moment when Lisa goes to Georges and first realises she likes him - definitive and memorable aspect of the film - would form a good visual representation of the film.

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