Thursday, 24 April 2014


I felt that previous primary research reviewing possible stores in which my product could be sold in was slightly irrelevant with regards to the quality and style of my product. Although natural health shops would be the kind of place my outcome could be distributed from I feel that the quality and nature of my product range surpasses that of the other products sold. So, distributing my product from such locations could leave it looking over priced and out of place. Therefore, I decided to collect some further store research to define an appropriate location from which my product could be distributed. 

As my product range is being marketed as an apothecary style health supplement I started researching into stores that sold similar products at a similar price. Defining a relevance place of distribution is an essential part of the project as getting this wrong could seriously affect the success of the product range. 

While researching into upmarket apothecary style products I came across a store that is the exact type of location from which my product would be displayed and distributed from. The store, simply named Folklore, not only sells apothecary style products but also focuses on selling quality outcomes that attract buyers through craftsmanship and quality design. These aspects form the foundation of my product range making the store a perfect location from which to distribute my outcome.  


Founded by Danielle Reid and Rob Reid in 2012, Folklore is a home and lifestyle store based on a simple idea that better living is possible through design.
folklore value integrity, simplicity and craftsmanship. We are drawn to functional goods that are created with care and made to last. The best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time.
We believe that Folklore has a role to play in tackling some of today's environmental and social challenges. We try to make a difference through our products by focusing on materials, process and source. Hopefully this approach represents sustainable intelligence and in some small way can influence lasting change.

The images below display the apothecary section of the website, most products featured are created to a high standard with a price that reflects the time and effort applied to create such products.


I decided to review some of the products featured in more detail, upon doing so I noticed that they embodied a similar aesthetic as to which I have applied to my product range. 


The set of images below document the in-store aesthetic of the Folklore shop based in London. The dark aesthetic of my product would fit nicely with both the shops visual theme and existing products already featured.   

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