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After progressing through the preliminary stages of the project by writing the brief and generating some initial rough ideas I was ready to advance through the next stages of project development. 

To help further establish my idea and inspire possible directions the project could be taken in I collected a body of secondary based internet research looking at existing bottle based branding projects. The research was useful as it served as inspiration for developing my current ideas and allowed me to assess the quality of existing projects against my own initial concepts.

MATTHEW GIULIARI - Montauk Kitchen Co.

  • The information on the bottle labels has been divided into individual boxes helping to separate the data and make it easier to digest.
  • Additionally, this way of dividing information also creates a balanced, engaging aesthetic.
  • The labels of my outcome could utilise a similar way of arranging information.


  • The box used to package the bottle featured above is crafted from wood and utilises old, iron style hinges and fasteners to create an aged visual outcome similar to a old potion box used to store Apothecary substances.
  • This style of aesthetic has direct relevance to my outcome. 
  • I could create a similar box to package the various bottles featured as part of my project.
  • The dark aesthetic has relevance to alchemy and would form a nice display case relevant to the expensive nature of the product within. 
  • Additionally, the wooden material used would also protect bottles during transportation. 

BRAND UNION - Absolute Craft

  • The dark aesthetic of the bottle entices the audience to engage with the product.
  • Design is inspired by old medicaine bottles which also have relevance to ORMUS and alchemy.
  • The bottles dark, simple aesthetic is similar to the one I am imagining for my bottles. 
  • I want the visual aspect of the outcome to have relevance to the product whilst simultaneously creating a engaging aesthetic that makes the audience want to interact with the product. 


  • The label featured on the bottle displayed above is incredibly intricate and communicates a vast amount of information.
  • The style of aesthetic applied is not relevant to my outcome. However, the way that the lable fits the contours of the bottle is inspiring and something I could adapt and apply to my outcomes.
  • Additionally, the paper wrap used to cover the bottle is also inspiring. Something similar could be applied to my outcome and would have relevance as the ORMUS substance needs protecting from static and electro-magnetic waves. 
  • Instead of using paper, tinfoil could be used to wrap around the bottles to add an additional aesthetic element and protect the substance appropriately. 

RO & CO STUDIO - RoandCordials


  • The project featured above also utilises the box method of dividing information to make it easier to digest.
  • My outcome could feature a range of information relevant to the substance contained. Therefore, to make it easy for clients to review I could also utilise a similar method. 
  • Additionally, the product is also packaged in a similar, dark brown glass bottle that I want to purchase as part of my project.
  • The brown glass forms an aesthetic likeness to old medicine and potion bottles relevant to both the products history and application. 

OLSSON BARBIERI - Hellstrøm Juleaquavit

  • The graphic icons applied to this bottle are based around Egyptian hieroglyphs which has relevance to the history of ORMUS.
  • Additionally, the graphics have been applied to the bottle using gold foil giving the product a quality, up-market feel.
  • Graphics could be applied to my bottles using a similar method, my product is expensive and so the gold foil has relevance in communicating the outcomes price. Moreover, ORMUS is often referred to as white gold, and so foiled graphics also have relevance in communicating this aspect of the substances history. 
  • Another aspect of the design that I have found to be inspirational is the seal that has been applied to the bottles opening. Simply made from paper the seal acts as a way of showing the bottles contents have not been tampered with and add to the upmarket aesthetic created for the product.

ELIZABETH McMANN - Halloween Survival Kit

  • The above project has been featured as I find the black on black aesthetic applied to the packaging and its contents inviting and relevant to the history of the substance.
  • A similar aesthetic could be applied to the packaging containing the bottles of my project.

RICHARDO GONZALEZ - Dapper // Beard oil co. - Logo & Packaging design

  • The above project was featured as the bottle used to contain the substance could also be used to contain ORMUS.
  • The pipette style application allows users to carefully measure out the amount of liquid used - this has relevance to the ORMUS substance sold as part of my outcome that needs to be carefully measured when dosing to ingest.
  • When buying bottles as part of the project I will try to find some with a pipette due to the relevance the style of application has to the ORMUS substance.  

MULTIPLE OWNERS - Proof & Company 

  • The packaging used to contain the various bottles is inspirational as it packages multiple bottles neatly into one box using cardboard dividers to stop them from contacting each other during stages of distribution. 
  • This style of packaging has relevance to my outcome as I plan to distribute boxes also containing multiple bottles. 
  • Additionally, the simple type based labels are engaging and communicate information to users quickly due to the typographic hierarchy applied. 

HOVARD DESIGN - Hudson Made Soap.

  • The above project was featured as part of my research for a number of reasons, the first is because of the black on black aesthetic applied to the products packaging. 
  • As previously mentioned, an all black aesthetic creates an engaging visual theme relevant to various aspects of the ORMUS substance. 
  • Additionally, the project has also inspired me to consider applying a paper wrap to the box or bottles.

SOCIO DESIGN - Buero System

  • The final project featured as part of my aesthetic based research was created by London based Socio Deisgn.
  • I featured the project due to the varying style of bottles used as part of the outcome.
  • As part of my project I want to use similar bottles to contain the ORMUS substance as they have a similar aesthetic to old medicine bottles used to contain apothecary based products.
  • Additionally, the consistent nature of the bottles aesthetics help to create a cohesive product range forming a visually strong project. 

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